Stuck Under the Little Big Surface

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Stuck Under the Little Big Surface Empty Stuck Under the Little Big Surface

Post by JaxtheKitsune on Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:37 am

Hey Guy's! I gotta level I'v published that I want to show ya! The level is fairly short, and's basically showing the plot, I guarantee the next level in the series will have more action. (that is. if people enjoy the series). so, you wake up in a dark cave in a rusty cage. I tried to put a bit of humor here and there.
Also, it say's that not many people are completing it. so could anyone give me feedback? thanks.

P.S I know the titles not an I know many people use the word "Little Big" so, the button is a lantern surrounded by darkness. if you still can't find it then just type up my PSN ID JaxtheKitsune

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