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Gran Turismo 5

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Gran Turismo 5 Empty Gran Turismo 5

Post by Enlong Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:51 pm

Ok I know this game has been out for several weeks now but I just got it for the holidays and have been playing it since. Being the car lover I am, I really enjoy this game and hope to be playing it for the next couple of weeks to come.

If anyone else here has the game, I would love to hear your opinion about it. The good, the bad, what cars you own, what accomplishments you have made, and how far you are currently in the game. For me, I love the wide selection of cars and the different race challenges offered. However, I feel that too many cars are standard models and to be kinda of honest, I felt that the prologue spoiled some of the game for me. A lot of the tracks from the prologue already feel too repetitive in GT5. All in all, it's still a really good game. I have about 50 cars right now, mostly won from races, but my fastest is the Formula Gran Turismo. I haven't been completed too many of the races yet as I have been grinding for EXP and credits so I can afford some of the more elegant cars in the future. I'm not too far in the game yet but I hope to be at least half-way there by the end of the month so wish me luck and let's hear your experience and comments about the game.

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