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Known Bugs and how to fix them

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Known Bugs and how to fix them Empty Known Bugs and how to fix them

Post by Strangepom Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:55 pm

This thread is to help find and fix the bugs whilst Mm is busy sorting out the first patch. Not for moaning and whining about how you can't play the game properly because it broke.

If you have a bug not listed please reply in this format:

Name of Glitch/Bug: (description)
Fix (if known)

Earth in Pod Glitch: (Craft earth in your pod)

Exit the game
Go to XMB->Network Settings->Internet Connection->Disable
Start LBP2 again, skip intro screen
Now that you’re in offline mode, your pod should be reset
Open your popit (press [square])
Select “Pod Decoration”
Functions->Save Pod
Quit game
Repeat step 2 and re-enable your internet connection
Start LBP2 and enjoy

Loading Glitch: (stuck in loading screen)
Turn controller off for 6-8 seconds then on again

Game freezing after Negitivatron: (causes player to loose all profile information)
Not exactly a glitch but after rebooting your PS3 it asks you would you like to import your LBP1 profile.
select "Not now" otherwise it will overwrite all the hard work you have done collecting stuff and completing the game

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