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Sacktastic:PttS The Grappling Hook.

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Sacktastic:PttS The Grappling Hook. Empty Sacktastic:PttS The Grappling Hook.

Post by JaxtheKitsune Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:12 am

This is my entry for the Sacktastic Prequel to the Sequel Contest. I'v tried to replicate the LBP short made by Mm, known as "The Grappling Hook Short", this is one of my first level's so please don't act like I'm one of Mm developer's, (as much as I want to!) My PSN is JaxtheKitsune I accept all friend request's, but if you are offensive in any way (other then laughing at me when I die ) will result in you being blocked. so talked to me if you want, Kudos me, give me suggestion's, Give me a shiny Crown Razz........

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