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Calling Out Sackomedia

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Calling Out Sackomedia Empty Calling Out Sackomedia

Post by TapDatApp Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:05 pm

Alright, this is ridiculous. I'm didn't want to have to do anything like this, but this new freeweb site "" directly stole, copied, and pasted articles from without giving us any credit what-so-ever or asking for permission. After finally removing them and blatantly advertising their site on the Beta forums here, they twisted our words around and took our motto of "Play. Create. Share. & Connect!" along with much of our usual promotional phrases. I am not gonna go say "Hey, DON'T GO TO THIS SITE." but I think people should be aware that this site is literally stealing content directly from and if he (StrikerEOD222) keeps this up, the team is prepared to take some legal action for our creative & legal property of which he continues to use at his own will, which is both wrong and disrespectful to the people who took time to make our site into what it is and to the rest of the community.

Again, sorry for having to burden you all with this, but the community deserves to know what's going on. Everything is a direct steal from us and it is simply no longer acceptable.

Thanks for supporting us!

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