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Sackboy Arrives at Sacktastic!™

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Sackboy Arrives at Sacktastic!™ Empty Sackboy Arrives at Sacktastic!™

Post by TapDatApp Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:09 am

Sackboy Arrives at Sacktastic!™ Sackboy%20Photoshoot%20018

Just today, the Sacktastic™ Team got a very special package in the was Sackboy himself, straight from PAX 2010 (thanks to an awesome benefactor, who currently wishes to remain anonymous to the public)! Not even a full day has gone by so far, but Sackboy seems to have already made himself right at home, living the good life. We look forward to all the amazing adventures ahead of us that he will be right by our side to experience. In fact, he loves the site so much, he asked for his own page...and well, quite frankly, who were we to deny him one? So, with that being said, we gladly introduce you all to a brand new section of our website called Sackboy's Journal!

Here you will find personal journal entries from Sackboy himself, where he will post short stories, LittleBigPlanet updates, sneak-peeks at upcoming Sacktastic™ additions, and oh so much more! And in general, you'll be seeing a lot more of Sackboy himself around here, maybe even on the forums! So start getting active and check back often for Sackboy's latest word on what's going down in Craftworld!

Sackboy Arrives at Sacktastic!™ Sackboy%20Photoshoot%20016

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