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CC12 - Dr Aidem Elucelom's Monster

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CC12 - Dr Aidem Elucelom's Monster Empty CC12 - Dr Aidem Elucelom's Monster

Post by Strangepom Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:51 pm

CC12 - Dr Aidem Elucelom's Monster by Strangepom

Meet Dr Aidem Elucelom, a reclusive genius who does not appreciate visitors.

Just a quick level to show off a 40ft high steampunk sackbot. (This entry is still in the tweaking stage)

As this is the last CC before LBP2 I thought I would try to make something that ties into the sequel.
I tried to think, "where do sackbots come from?", "What was their evolution?","Someone must have invented them?" meet Dr Aidem Elucelom (mediA moleculE)


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